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Since 2007, NYC Grind has been dedicated to bringing new talent to light, and making a positive contribution to the world of pool and beyond.  Both breakthrough players in the sport of pool as well as emerging performers and artists share a common goal of constant evolution…and here at NYC Grind, we aspire to do the same, and continue to look for ways to redefine “the game”.

Our main goals are to do our best to inspire, educate, and entertain…through our continual efforts in bringing fresh and unique content to our readers & viewers, as well as provide the tools to keep the conversation going.  NYC Grind was founded with a perspective of both positivity and progression, and it is our hope that pushing the boundaries will make an impact toward breakthroughs in the areas of competitive pool and billiards.

NY pro Dennis Hatch with NYC Grind founder Jerry T & editor Alison Fischer

NYC Grind’s contributors have a long history of passion for pool and billiards, and all of them are also dedicated competitors themselves. Our vision comes from a player’s perspective, through which we hope to capture the essence of the game and all those who play it.

The players who stand out and make an impact in the game possess the qualities for becoming successful in any field or endeavor.  Dedication, focus, passion, and energy are all elements of what it means to be ‘on the grind’…and the few who rise to a level of excellence set the standard for all others who aspire to it.

Legendary NY players Tony Robles & George SanSouci at Master Billiards

However, at each level of the journey, there is a unique experience to be shared.  Progression towards making things happen and achieving greater goals tells a story worth sharing, and we invite you to join us on that journey.

Stay on the NYC Grind…

- Jerry T

  • Victor Nau

    JT, I enjoy watching your game. You have flare,color and excitement., but what is more exciting the way you cover the GAME your interviews and presentations are great.Everyone in the country is going to have a better idea what The ( NYC GRIND)is all about. wish you success.

Super News Spotlight: Predator Tour Stop #14 @ Amsterdam Billiards… Amateur + Open Pro Event Breakdown from NYC Grind on Vimeo.

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