Accu-Stats Announces Make it Happen 14.1 for August 10-13

Posted on by Alison Fischer

For those who love watching the best of the best in pool on video, it’s hard to look further than Accu-Stats Video Productions. While Pat Fleming and his team continue to produce some of the best quality video content in the industry, they have also continued their commitment to innovation, including getting the sport’s fans involved in exciting, interactive events such as the ‘Make it Happen’ series.

The next upcoming event in the ‘Make it Happen’ series will feature today’s greats of straight pool…where fans will get the chance to choose the final player to compete in the five-player round-robin invitational. The event will be held at the Simonis Arena at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, NJ, August 10-13. Read on to learn more about the format for the event, and how fans can get involved and ‘Make it Happen’.

Accu-Stats Straight Pool Invitational

YOU can “Make It Happen”

Do you love straight pool? We certainly do. Accu-Stats staged two very successful Invitational tournaments, one for 8-Ball and one for 1-Pocket, each with six of the best players in the world. Now we are introducing our Straight Pool Invitational, the third event in our “Make It Happen” series. Do you think straight pool could get enough support?

Once again, we are not asking for donations! We are offering a bundle of products and services with a retail value in excess of $450.00 at a special “Prepaid” price of $300.00.

The professional event is scheduled for Saturday thru Tuesday, August 10-13, 2013 in the Simonis Arena at Sandcastle Billiards in Edison, New Jersey.

Interested? Read on!

An Accu-Stats “Make It Happen” Event

- Five Players: Accu-Stats invited Danny Harriman, Thorsten Hohmann, Mika
Immonen, and Oliver Ortmann.

The fifth player will be decided by You. Everyone invited accepted their invitation. A field with the best straight pool players in the world guarantees us, once again, that each of the 20 matches will be of “finals” caliber.

- The Format: Straight Pool – Double Round Robin – Each player will play eight matches (two matches against each of the other players).

- Prize Breakdown: The winner of each match will receive $750.

- Each Match: 75 points – Player continues if on a 50+ run for bonus money.

- High Runs: Bonus money in $500 increments will be awarded for runs of 100, 150, 200, etc.

- Three 30 second shot clocks will be in clear view for players, viewers, and the audience.

- The invited players will incur no entry fee and Accu-Stats will arrange for their travel and lodging expenses.

- Accu-Stats will hire the professional production crew and will pay for their travel and lodging expenses.

- A “car service” will be hired to shuttle players and attendees to and from the airport, hotel, and tournament site at no charge.

- A “Make It Happen” supporter will win $1,000 in our “Knock-Out Challenge.”

What will you receive for your $300.00?

1. All 20 matches on DVD from this event. ($200 value)

2. One free admission to the live event with VIP seating ($160 value)

3. One “Live Pay-Per-View” Internet pass for the four day event ($60 value)

4. #1 Billiard author Phil Capelle’s “Break Shot Patterns” book with accompanying DVD ($50 value)

5. One “I Made It Happen” top quality cotton T-shirt. ($20 value)

6. One framed 8” x 10” group photo of the five contestants, autographed by all, thanking you for your support (original signatures, not copies). (priceless!)

7. One “Shout Out” on the air and a listing in the closing credits of each DVD.

8. A chance to win $1,000 in our “Knock-Out Challenge”.

How do you sign up?

Accu-Stats needs a minimum of 130 supporters to participate with the purchase of the $300 package. This is the only way that we can pull this off.

It worked for the 8-Ball and 1-Pocket events, so it’s imperative that you “Make It Happen” for straight pool.

A credit card or check is needed now as a commitment, but the payment will not be processed until July 10, 2013. This is the date which confirms that the tournament will occur. You may withdraw your support prior to that July 10 deadline.

If we do not reach our goal, the tournament will be cancelled. Your check will be returned and no credit charges will be processed.

Considering the response from the 8-Ball and 1-Pocket “Make It Happen” events, I am very optimistic. Do you think there is enough support for straight pool? Some say no. I say yes!

Can this work for you? Have any questions? Please call me, Pat Fleming, at 800-
828-0397. When you call, I’ll be as excited as you!

Pat Fleming
Accu-Stats Video Productions

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