J. Viewz Hits Up Brooklyn Bowl Tonight along with Electric Morocco and Hank & Cupcakes

Posted on by Alison Fischer

J. Viewz vocalist Noa Lembersky

J. Viewz vocalist Noa Lembersky

Story & photos by NYC Grind contributor, Alison M. Fischer

New York is known as the city with one of the most vast and varied musical landscapes in the world, and on nearly every day of the week, you can find something to suit your taste.  And, from arenas to hole-in-the wall clubs, and everything in between there’s just as many varied venues.

One of Brooklyn’s most interesting live music venues is Brooklyn Bowl–yes, a bowling alley!  Although live music at bowling alleys often conjures up images of cover bands, karaoke Brooklyn Bowl offers some of the most eclectic and original musician of our time, including hip-hop artist Talib Kweli, the funky jazz of The Dirty Dozen Brass Band, and Adrien Grenier of Entourage and his folk rock band The Honey Brothers.

Tonight, Brooklyn’s own J. Viewz are making some noise at The Brooklyn Bowl for a free live show, which kicked off at 8:30 pm, where they are joined by Electric Morocco and Hank & Cupcakes. On November 6th, I got to check out J. Viewz at the world-famous Blue Note jazz club in the West Village.  The room was packed to the gills, and by the time I got there, there were no seats in the house.

Click here to view the photo gallery from the show, and read to check out more on J. Viewz.

J. Viewz has a unique sound all to their own, combining aspects of jazz, soul, electronica, funk, and reggae.  However, what I enjoyed most about their performance that night was a the band’s synergy for creating an authentic feel-good vibe.

The audience at the Blue Note was on the edge of their seat listening to the very versatile and talented vocalist, Noa Lembersky.  This fiery redhead has a soulful, beautiful, and edgy sound that will grab the attention of anyone within earshot… and she will likely be grooving to the music on stage as well.

Noa Lembersky (center) sings alongside guest vocalist Paula Valstein and guitarist Jonathan Dagan

Noa Lembersky (center) sings alongside guest vocalist Paula Valstein and guitarist Jonathan Dagan

The unique sound of J. Viewz, a project conceived by composer, guitarist, and electronics engineer Jonathan Dagan has been acclaimed by many, and after seeing their performance at the Blue Note, I can see why.  The group seamlessly shifts from different styles of music and with a vibrant energy that keeps the audience wanting more.

Jonathan Dagan

Jonathan Dagan

One of J. Viewz’ major assets is Urijah, who is not only a master of the trumpet, but switches between the horn and guitar throughout the performance, along with singing.  On their song, Move Change, Urijah’s cascading trumpet melody could melt away all the stress of the day.



Urijah, Dagan, and Lembersky are also joined in the ensemble by keys player Daniel Koren and drummer Eran Asias, in an energetic yet relaxing fusion of modern electronic music combined with traditional jazz sensibilities.  It’s definitely an eclectic musical experience to try for yourself.

Drummer Eran Asias with Noa Lembersky

Drummer Eran Asias with Noa Lembersky

You can check out J. Viewz on the web at www.jviewz.com and on www.myspace.com/jviewz.

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