January 2012 Edition of Pool Synergy – Celebrity Influence on Pool and Media Exposure

Posted on by Alison Fischer

Pool Synergy

Pool Synergy

Pool Synergy, the web’s monthly collaboration of pool bloggers and writers, is kicking things into gear for 2012. Each month, this writing collective comes together to write on the topic of the host’s choice, in order to bring fresh dialogue and perspective on the game and the world of pool.

This month, NYCgrind is proud to be hosting Pool Synergy. The topic for January is: “There are numerous pro athletes, entertainers, and other celebrities who are pool enthusiasts. What kind of potential (if any) do you see for celebrity ‘star power’ to influence media exposure for the pool world?”

One of Pool Synergy’s most dedicated writers and organizers, Melinda Bailey, is one of our featured contributors for January. On this topic, Melinda writes on how in the long term, ‘star power’ would most likely not have a significant effect on the popularity of pool. Check out the link Melinda’s article: http://pooljourney.blogspot.com/2012/01/january-2012-PoolSynergy.html

We are excited to welcome a new contributor to Pool Synergy this month, as Kevin Hunhoff of prariepoolplayer.wordpress.com has joined in our conversation. Kevin’s article touches on how celebrities such as Joe Rogan have brought in additional exposure for pool, and how this type of involvement such as commentating and promotion can bring more positive buzz to pro pool. Read more in Kevin’s article, here: http://prairiepoolplayer.wordpress.com/

Mike Feiman, the man behind PoolDawg.com, has been known for sharing his thoughts on billiards press and the ‘movers and shakers’ in the industry… so this was naturally a topic well-suited for him. From Mike’s perspective, celebrity buzz can only go so far in terms of influencing growth for the sport of pool. He instead states that growth for pool must come from grassroots player movements. Check out more in Mike’s article here: http://www.mikefeiman.com/2012/01/pool-synergy-what-if-the-cool-kids-played-pool/

Pool Synergy is also featuring another new writer this month, with guest contributor Mike from PoolStudents.net. In Mike’s article, he presents the idea that pool must first have a successful business model before any real growth can happen. Take a look at his article here: http://poolstudents.net/wordpress/2012/01/poolstudents-blogs-in-on-this-months-poolsynergy/

Do you have a perspective on this topic? Share your thoughts and comments and keep the conversation going!

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