US Open 10-Ball Championships Underway at the Riviera in Las Vegas – With Live Streaming by TAR

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The 4th US Open 10-Ball Championship took the stage at the Riviera Hotel & Casino on the Las Vegas strip on Monday, May 14, and will run through Sunday, May 19.

The event is produced by CSI – CueSports International, and features live streaming of feature matches by

Below are the scheduled live stream matches for today:

Wednesday, May 16 TAR Stream Schedule

Each match in the event is a race to nine games, in a double-elimination tournament format, with the semifinal and final matches being races to eleven.  As the US Open 10-Ball Championships is running alongside the BCAPL National 8-Ball Championships, it makes for an ideal opportunity for amateur players and fans to watch world-class competition.

Both major international names and the toughest competitors in the U.S. have made up the star-studded field… which will attempt to topple defending champion Shane Van Boening.

Thus far, two rounds of play have been completed in the winner’s bracket of this event… and the first eliminations on the one-loss side have been made following the 10am session of play.

2011 US Open 10-Ball runner-up David Alcaide & winner Shane Van Boening

While most of the matches have resulted with strong favorites rising to the top… some of the event’s giants matched up early on, resulting in big names heading to the left side of the bracket.

2011 US Open 9-Ball semifinalist Shawn Putnam was matched up with 2011 US Open 10-Ball runner-up David Alcaide in the first round, sending Putnam to the one-loss side at 9-6.  However, it didn’t get any easier for Alcaide in the next round, as he fell to Alex Pagulayan at 9-5.

Other early monster match-ups included Francisco Bustamante defeating Thorsten Hohmann (9-5) Round 1, Charlie Bryant defeating Charlie Williams (9-3) in Round 2, and Mika Immonen defeating Stevie Moore in Round 1, among other great match-ups.

For more match results, brackets for the US Open 10-Ball Championships can be found online here:

Interesting upsets from the early rounds included Matt Krah defeating Rodney Morris (9-8) in Round 1, California’s Sal Butera defeating Johnny Archer (9-7) in Round 2, and Manny Chau defeating Raj Hundal (9-8) in Round 2.

A number of players hailing from the Northeast have held their own on the winner’s side thus far, including Shaun Wilkie, Tony Robles, Mike Dechaine, Mike Wong, Dennis Hatch, and Robb Saez.  Hatch and Dechaine recently clashed in TAR 25, a three-day 10-ball battle… and the potential for a rematch at the US Open would present some big drama for spectators.

Stay on the NYC Grind for more news as action at the 2012 US Open 10-Ball Championships unfolds…

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