US Open 10-Ball Rounds 1 & 2 Results – Chris Melling Defeats Defending Champ Orcollo in Round 1

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As of this evening (Saturday, July 20), two rounds of action have finished up at the 2013 US Open 10-Ball Championships. The game of 10-Ball, which has become the preferred rotation game for many professional pool players, is the main focus for the pro players who have traveled from all parts of the globe to get a shot at taking home the top honor.

Arguably the biggest match of the early rounds of the event came in round one. While half of the bracket received first-round byes, defending champion Dennis Orcollo was matched against England’s Chris Melling, who sent him out of the winner’s bracket right off the bat with a final score of 9-7.

Chris Melling

Fans who want to follow the action online can check out the live scoring updates from AZbilliards here:

Online brackets are also available here:

Thus far, two matches from this event were featured in live stream arena. The first match to take the stage was between Filipino rising star Carlo Biado and Manny Chau of Peru. Chau, who has become a prominent name in the American pool circuit in recent years, got out to a strong 4-0 lead in this match, but the momentum shifted in Biado’s direction after Chau fouled. Biado ran out from there, then broke and ran the next rack to go 4-2. From that point, Biado stayed in gear and went on to tie 4-4. Chau got the lead back to go 5-4, but Biado won the next two to edge him 6-5.

Chau knotted the score again at 6-6, and the next rack ended up being a turning point in the match. After getting out of line, Chau played a great safe, barely allowing Biado a one-rail kick. Biado kicked to return a safety by putting Chau in the same position, locking the cue ball up in a tougher spot. Chau would not get a hit on the ball, and Biado ran out with ball in hand to lead 7-6. In the next rack, Chau had a big opportunity to tie the score again after Biado had an uncharacteristic miss…however, with the heat on, Chau missed a simple five ball in the side pocket, allowing Biado to get to the hill at 8-6. It looked to be all over for Chau in the next rack with Biado running out, but he rattled an easy nine ball, and Chau took it to 8-7. Chau was unable to take advantage in the following rack, and Carlo Biado put away the match at 9-7.

Round 1

Juan Carlos Exposito – BYE
Karl Boyes def. Michael Yednak (9-0)
Ko P.C. – BYE
Ralf Souquet def. Brian Reich (9-0)
Jin-Hu Dang – BYE
Corey Deuel def. J. Kotinurmi (9-3)
Tommy Tokoph – BYE
Shane Van Boening def. Donny Mills (9-4)
Jia Qing Wu – BYE
Danny Olson def. Chris Bartram (9-3)
Robert Lewis – BYE
Shaun Wilkie def. Phil Burford (9-8)
Francisco Bustamante – BYE
Nikos Ekonomopoulos def. Haitao Liu (9-7)
Hector Luna Iglesias – BYE
Santos Sambajon def. Mark Haddad (9-3)
Dave Hemmah – BYE
John Morra def. Chris Lawson (9-2)
James Welch – BYE
Chris Melling def. Dennis Orcollo (9-7)
Thorsten Hohmann – BYE
Darren Appleton def. Robb Saez (9-6)
Marc Vidal Claramunt – BYE
Rodney Morris def. Walter Cheng (9-4)
Johnathan Pinegar – BYE
Denis Grabe def. Bill Dunsmore (9-1)
David Alcaide – BYE
Ernesto Dominguez def. Ross Fregosa (9-7)
John Schmidt – BYE
Jayson Shaw def. Steve Lillis (9-1)
Badi Nazhat – BYE
Charlie Williams def. Christian Tuvi (9-3)
Jesse Engel – BYE
Jason Klatt def. Leonard Relling (9-0)
Earl Strickland – BYE
Ko Pin Yi def. Ivica Putnik (9-2)
Mika Immonen – BYE
Daryl Peach def. Andrew Cleary ( F )
Tojo – BYE
Warren Kiamco def. Ray Robles (9-6)
Scott Frost – BYE
Max Eberle def. Robert Hart (9-3)
Travis McKinney – BYE
Tommy Najar def. Brandon Shuff (9-8)
Carlo Biado – BYE
Manny Chau def. Sean Cheng (9-5)
Matt Krah – BYE
Hao Haoxiang def. Stevie Moore (9-3)
Kenichi Uchigaki – BYE
Stan Tourangeau def. Sal Butera (9-7)
Ryan Solleveld – BYE
Rafael Martinez def. Glenn Cooney (9-5)
Greg Jenkins – BYE
Brian Butler def. Oscar Dominguez (9-1)
Lee Brett – BYE
Mike Dechaine def. Larry Nevel (9-3)
Brett Boemmels – BYE
Jeremy Sossei def. Mike Davis (9-2)
Ike Runnels – BYE
Simon Pickering def. Matt Tetrault (9-8)
Hunter Lombardo – BYE
Rory Hendrickson def. Pablo Garcia Lagar (9-6)
Lee Van Corteza – BYE
Erki Erm def. Daniel Chavez ( F )

Round 2

Karl Boyes def. Juan Carlos Exposito (9-1)
Ralf Souquet def. P.C. Ko (9-6)
Jin Hu Dang def. Corey Deuel (9-8)
Shane Van Boening def. Tommy Tokoph (9-0)
Wu Jia Qing def. Danny Olson (9-7)
Shaun Wilkie def. Robert Lewis (9-5)
Nikos Ekonomopoulos def. Francisco Bustamante (9-6)
Santos Sambajon def. Hector Luna Iglesias (9-2)
John Morra def. Dave Hemmah (9-3)
Chris Melling def. James Welch (9-3)
Thorsten Hohmann def. Darren Appleton (9-8)
Rodney Morris def. Marc Vidal Claramunt (9-3)
Denis Grabe def. Johnathan Pinegar (9-6)
David Alcaide def. Ernesto Dominguez (9-2)
Jayson Shaw def. John Schmidt (9-6)
Charlie Williams def. Badi Nazhat (9-3)
Jason Klatt def. Jesse Engel (9-5)
Ko Pin Yi def. Earl Strickland (9-8)
Mika Immonen def. Daryl Peach (9-5)
Warren Kiamco def. Tojo (9-3)
Scott Frost def. Max Eberle (9-7)
Travis McKinney def. Tommy Najar (9-2)
Carlo Biado def. Manny Chau (9-7)
Han Haoxiang def. Matt Krah (9-7)
Kenichi Uchigaki def. Stan Tourangeau (9-4)
Rafael Martinez def. Ryan Solleveld (9-2)
Brian Butler def. Greg Jenkins (9-2)
Mike Dechaine def. Lee Brett (9-1)
Jeremy Sossei def. Brett Boemmels (9-3)
Hunter Lombardo def. Rory Hendrickson (9-5)
Lee Van Corteza def. Erki Erm (9-4)

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