Shane Van Boening Victorious in a Thrilling US Open 8-Ball Final to Take the Title

Posted on by Alison Fischer

“The South Dakota Kid” Shane Van Boening again ruled the day in Las Vegas, following his finale finish in the US Open 8-Ball Championships against Carlo Biado at the Rio in Las Vegas.

Following his near-sweep of Taiwanese newcomer Walter Cheng (8-1) in the match for the hot seat on the evening of Friday, July 26, Van Boening would wait for his shot in the spotlight of the final match. Prior to the hot seat, SVB had worked his way through the winner’s bracket, taking wins against Warren Kiamco (8-3), Ko Pin-Yi (8-6), John Morra, Corey Deuel (8-5), and Jesse Engel (8-5).

Walter Cheng’s loss in the winner’s side final lined him up for the semifinal, where he would take on Carlo Biado. After his winner’s side loss to Jayson Shaw, Biado came back strong on the one-loss side with wins against Francisco Bustamante (8-7), Sean Cheng (8-6), and Warren Kiamco (8-6) before serving Jayson Shaw an 8-2 loss to move on to the semi.

In the semifinal, which began at 11am in The Action Report arena, Biado got out to a strong early lead at 5-1… leaving Cheng to play catch up through the rest of the match. While Cheng got the score to 5-3, in the course of the match his errors outweighed Biado’s, while Biado’s break helped lead him to an 8-5 win.

Biado would then have his shot at Van Boening in the final match, which would turn out to be a real dogfight. The winner of the lag was Biado, who opened up the match with what would be the first of many table runs. With the alternate break format in a race to eleven (which would have to be won by two games), Van Boening got his first shot in the next rack, and proceeded to run out the rack and tie it 1-1. The two finalists again went back and forth running the table to put it 2-2.

Rack five would hold the first error of the match, as Biado attempted a risky kick on his opening shot from the break, and was unable to make good contact. SVB ran out the rack with ball in hand, to take the lead for the first time in the match at 3-2. However, a surprising miss from Van Boening in the next rack would allow Biado to put the score at another tie, 3-3.

From here, Biado and Van Boening went on another break and run spree, alternating turns all the way up until a 10-10 tie, with both players coming up with some tough outs and narrow escapes. In total, 16 of the match’s 22 games were run outs from the break.

Things took an unexpected turn in the next game, however. It was Biado’s turn to break, and he had a table layout with no major challenges. The rack looked to be a case-closed table run that would put Biado in the lead again…but while drawing across the table for position on his second to last ball, the cue ball made a beeline for the side pocket. Van Boening ran out with ball in hand to instead put the score in his favor 11-10.

Shane had the break in the next rack, but for his opening shot after the break, he would have to shoot over a ball, resulting in a missed eleven ball. The scoreline shifted back over to Biado, who then tied it 11-11. Carlo continued his success with his break in the next rack, but got out of line midway through the rack and opted for a narrow side pocket shot that did not make it to the pocket. Shane would get through the rack with little issue, but came up a bit straight on his final ball before the eight. As a result, he ended up with an undesirable back cut on the eight, but sliced it in to go to the hill at 12-11.

With the win in range, Van Boening broke the final rack, and cleared the table in confident fashion, despite coming up tough on the eight ball, which had to be cut into the side pocket from an off-angle. The crowd celebrated as the final eight ball landed Shane Van Boening a new title as US Open 8-Ball Champion.

Shane Van Boening in the final rack of the US Open 8-Ball final.

While Shane’s game may be the most impressive of any American player in professional pool today, his level of professionalism and sportsmanship is duly impressive, making him a great role model for young up-and-coming players. It was noted by a number of the game’s commentators that Shane spent some of his off time in Vegas giving free lessons to young aspiring players, leaving a positive imprint with the next generation.

Shane Van Boening looks on during an instruction session with Junior National competitor Sierra Reams.

The US Open 8-Ball has also marked another strong performance for Carlo Biado, who took 3rd in the US Open One Pocket, and 5th in the US Open 10-Ball. 2013 has proven to be a breakout year for Biado in the American pro pool circuit… as his name has been seen on the top of the charts in many headlining events, including the Ultimate 10-Ball Championships, the Hard Times 10-Ball Open, and the Southern Classic, among others. Biado has been heralded as the next top player to come out of the Philippines, and there is no doubt that he is making his presence felt on an international level.

Congratulations to both Shane Van Boening and Carlo Biado on capping off the event in high form.

Credit also goes out to CueSports International on producing a line of world-class events at the Rio, as well as The Action Report for their high-quality live stream, making it an all-around great experience for both the players and fans.

Final Results & Payout:
1st: Shane Van Boening – $15,000
2nd: Carlo Biado – $8,500
3rd: Walter Cheng – $5,400
4th: Jayson Shaw – $4,100
5th/6th: Warren Kiamco, Ko Pin-Yi – $3,100
7th/8th: Rodney Morris, Sean Cheng – $2,300
9th-12th: Francisco Bustamante, Oscar Dominguez, Chris Bartram, Mark Haddad – $1,650
13th-16th: Jeremy Sossei, Juan Carlos Exposito, Shaun Wilkie, John Morra – $1,250
17th-24th: Jia-Qing Wu, Jin-Hu Dang, Karl Boyes, Scott Frost, Ernesto Dominguez, Phil Burford, Wang Can, Lee Van Corteza – $925
25th-32nd: Santos Sambajon, Chris Melling, Daryl Peach, Hunter Lombardo, Erki Erm, Ko Ping-Chung, Adam Behnke, Shane McMinn – $765

Sponsors of the 2013 US Open 8-Ball Championships:

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