Shane Van Boening vs Corey Deuel in the Finals of the Million Dollar 9-Ball Shootout: Sat/Sun Breakdown

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Million Dollar 9-Ball Shootout

By NYC Grind Contributor, “The Other” Alison Fischer

On the fourth day of the Million Dollar 9-Ball Shootout here in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, the field of twelve players had been narrowed down to the final four: Francisco Bustamante, Shane Van Boening, Corey Deuel, and Dennis Orcullo. The draw turned out to be the Americans versus the Filipinos–Van Boening v. Orcullo and Bustamante v. Deuel.

This single elimination showdown started at 11:00am with Shane van Boening taking on Dennis Orcullo. Looking back on their matchup over a year ago at the EnjoyPool 9-ball championships in Las Vegas, where Orcullo shut out Van Boening, this match looked a little different. Van Boening took an early 3-0 lead, with Orcullo jumping back with a strong runout from the break in the fourth rack. During the first half of the set, Orcullo kept hot on Van Boening’s trail, staying within two games of his lead, but when the score was 5-4, Shane kicked it into gear and dominated the rest of the match with his trademark killer break and unstoppable momentum. However, both players exhibited consistently awesome shot-making skills and really put on a fantastic performance for the crowd. Shane ended up on top with a final score of 13-7.


"The South Dakota Kid" Shane Van Boening

In the second match up of the day, Francisco Bustamante and Corey Deuel faced off at 2:00pm. This match started similar to the 11:00 match, with Deuel putting up five unanswered wins against Bustamante. Basically, in this match, Bustamante simply could not compete with Deuel’s famous soft break: pocketing a ball in the corner and stopping the cue ball dead center, every time. Bustamante tried to work with the soft break himself, but came up with a couple scratches and couldn’t get into gear. In fact, when Bustamante was down 10-5, breaking, his cue ball ended up hooked behind the 2-ball, with no shot on the 1-ball. Strangely, instead of pushing out, Bustamante kicked at the 1-ball–a low-percentage shot–leaving the table wide open for Deuel to run out. Deuel played a calm, controlled game throughout the set, making very few errors, while Bustamante looked like a rather frustrated man. This, combined with his break, was the recipe that put Corey Deuel into the finals, with a 13-6 win over Francisco Bustamante.

Look to the final match at 5:00 to feature two American champions–Shane Van Boening and Corey Deuel–to see who will take down the inaugural Million-Dollar 9-ball Shootout.


Corey Deuel

Today’s Earlier Matches

Shane Van Boening 13
Dennis Orcullo 7

Corey Deuel
Francisco Bustamante

Saturday Matches

Darryl Peach 14
Johnny Archer 11

Corey Deuel 21
Matt Krah 4

Shane van Boening 14
Stevie Moore 9

Dennis Orcullo 13
Dennis Hatch 7

Francisco Bustamante 19
Tony Chohan 6

Marlon Manalo 20
Evan Broxmeyer 5

Be sure to check out the final match on the

For more details on the Million Dollar 9 Ball Shootout as well as info on satellites, and the newly introduced Million Dollar Pool Leauge check out

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  • JT

    Unbelievable play so far. In the finals you have the soft break vs the cannonball break.

    Both Corey and Shane are playing superb… this looks to be a great finals!

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