South Jersey & Bergen County APA Local Team Championships Crown Vegas-Bound Winners – New Video!

Posted on by Alison Fischer

On the weekend of June 20-22, 2014, two of New Jersey’s neighboring APA league divisions, the Bergen County APA & South Jersey APA came together to present their annual League Tournament Championships.

Along with the drama, excitement, and camaraderie that goes along with team pool competition, the teams who traveled from around the region were also fighting for their chance to earn a paid trip to Las Vegas to compete at Nationals…the honor that these teams of varying skill levels work toward each season.

NYC Grind is pleased to introduce our latest ‘Super News Video’, filmed through the weekend at the LTC. Watch in the player below, or click here to watch on Vimeo.

2014 APA South Jersey & Bergen County League Tournament Championships from NYC Grind on Vimeo.

With the LTC being held in Atlantic City at Bally’s Hotel & Casino, the atmosphere of the entire event was certainly that of Vegas buzz, with an added bonus of the location being close to the players. Many of the players competing brought along family and friends on their trip, making for a spectator base of roughly 1,000 people.

APA League Tournament Championship at Bally's (Photo: Daniel Dagotdot)

As the APA leads the way as the most popular league system in the world (boasting over 265,000 players in North America alone) it is no surprise that this local event is actually one of the largest tournaments in the world.

Bergen County APA director Daniel Pittman noted, “This was the world’s third largest pool tournament, only surpassed by BCAPL Nationals as second and APA Nationals as first. We had 2,500 players competing, with over 3,500 total people including spectators. Next year, it looks to be even bigger, with the possibility of the Philadelphia APA joining in we might be able to surpass BCAPL Nationals in size.”

A full house of players and spectators. (Photo: Joe Gonzalez)

A total of 196 teams representing cities around Bergen County, NJ and various counties in South Jersey, were participants in the three-day event. “We gave away twenty-five Vegas trips between North Jersey and South Jersey! These territories included Atlantic, Gloucester, Camden, Burlington, Mercer, Essex, and Bergen counties,” Pittman explained.

Jojo Ragonese of winning team 'Doghouse Saloon & Grill 2' (Photo: Joe Gonzalez)

Along with the competitors and their supporting friends, the LTC at Bally’s brought in industry support support from InsidePool Magazine & NYC Grind, who teamed up to co-produce a free live stream on, sponsored by pool & billiard retailer, which is the nation’s largest and oldest billiards supplier.

Sponsorship was also provided by Qpod, who was joined by their top regionally-based player representative Shaun Wilkie. Players and and fans at Bally’s were also treated to an exhibition by none other than Hall of Famer & former World Champion Earl “The Pearl” Strickland.

New York-based Earl Strickland made the short trip to Atlantic City to spend time with the APA competitors at the LTC. (Photo by Joe Gonzalez)

The LTC also brought in locally-based vendor sponsors from outside the pool industry:

Untapped Energy Drink
Sentenced2Life Apparel
OliDay Adventure Tours

After each division of competition concluded, NYC Grind contributor Daniel Dagotdot was on-site capturing the teams’ moments of glory as they were awarded their trophies. Here are the resulting winning teams. Check out additional photos in our gallery on the NYC Grind Facebook page below.

Bergen County APA Winners


PT Crushers

Captain – Tim Wrobel
Co-Captain – Pat Tortorello Sr.
Jeff Conte
James Murphy
Kokil Chachra
Angel Rojas
Brian Gambert
Leticia Suarez

PT Crushers

Dunkel Custom Cues

Captain – Jay Janis
Co-Captain – Selena Perry
Lisa Aubry
John Hugate
Katarzyna Teper
Jan Mierzwa
Franek Sieczka
Brian Pfeiffer

Dunkel Custom Cues

Last Dragons

Captain – JerrMichael Canson
Co-Captain – Scott Kewer
Susan Lamberti
Marc Lamberti
Samuel Shin
Scott Lehmann
Gerald Conger
Joseph Mancuso

Last Dragons

Doghouse Saloon & Grill 2

Captain Jojo Rangonese
Co-Captain – Steve Liston
Rich Konopka
Greg Mariano
John Piccinich
Gary Samborgna
Ryan Campanella
Gary Chutjian

Doghouse Saloon & Grill 2

From Scratch

Captain – Mohammed Sdad
Co-Captain – Raymond Marisette
Mike Sanchez
Kenny Patel
Joseph Benitich
Crawford Hazelwood
Rashid Muhammad

From Scratch (Photo: Joe Gonzalez)


South Jersey APA Winners


I Still Don’t Know – Cherryhill, NJ

Darren Grossman
Stacey Segal
Jeremiah Caldwell
Raymond Robinson
Kristine Williams
Kenneth Gruning Jr.
Jamie Swift

I Still Don't Know

The Anchor – Trenton, NJ

Enrique Rivera
Michael Payne
Garland Dockery
Wilber Reyes
Omar Rubiera
Nelson Rubiera
Adelso Perez
Aridelvy Santana

The Anchor

Fab Five – Berlin, NJ

Judy Cruz
Marge Cook
Michelle Vayo
Dawn Ackerman
Vicky Jensen

Fab Five

Anger Management

Joseph Hubert
Frank Wilt
Robert Grasso
Fred Sparks
Jeffrey Thomas
Charles Rulli
Lauren Vacca
Joe Cain Jr.

Anger Management

Where’s My Crotchfelt

Randall Edney
William Bracey
Charles Minor
Valerie Hall
Tamitha Hunt
Nancy Louie
Wendy Carr
Humberto Cruz

Where's My Crotchfelt

Joe Pop’s Hobos

Mark Gerkey
Russ Gerkey
John Park
John Gerkey
Gina DiPasquale
Paul Harley

Joe Pop's Hobos

All Jacked Up – Gloucester City, NJ

Jennifer Smith
William Gee
Salvatore Baratta
Tina Gundle
Tak Chan
Casey Lewis
Michael Dachille

All Jacked Up

The Leftovers

Steven Milane
Raymond Resino
Jennifer Milane
Robert Milane
Stephen Yacura
Erin Barefoot
Ralph Yenner Jr.
Mark Hacking

The Leftovers

Terror Squad – Trenton, NJ

Enrique Rivera
Javier Rodriguez
Luis Delvalle
Nelson Rubiera
Omar Rubiera
Julio Delvalle
Franklin Salcedo

The Terror Squad (Photo courtesy South Jersey APA)

Laugh Now, Cry Later

Joseph Galambos
Joseph Vega
James Galambos
Jeffrey Morton
Joseph Bulleck
Raymond Parker
Peter Borglund

Laugh Now, Cry Later (Photo courtesy South Jersey APA)

We Were Sleeping

Anthony D’Abundo
Guy Deninger
Rosemary Simpson
Frank Fattori
Lori Davenport
Ida Boyd
Edward Hoffman

We Were Sleeping (Photo courtesy South Jersey APA)


Richard Quinton Jr.
John Denisi
Timothy Wynne
Jay Grauber
Dennis Snow
Bryan King
Brian Forland

Overrated (Photo courtesy South Jersey APA)

Franks & Beans – Paulsboro, NJ

Owen Haynes Jr.
Owen Haynes Sr.
Michael Hutchinson
Thomas Pote
Lawrence Haynes Sr.
George Wagner
Christian Lang
Paul Haynes


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