The 16th Annual U.S. Bar Table Championship at The Sands Regency Rundown: Pool Player Glen Atwell Breaks Record with Superb Play

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All three winners at the 2009 CSI - Bar Box Championship

The 16th Annual U.S Bar Table Championships at the Sands Regency Hotel and Casino in Reno, Nevada drew an international field to compete in three disciplines of pool to find out who is the master of the “Bar Box.”

The tables were seven-foot Diamond Smart Tables that lined the heart of the Sands Regency Hotel and Casino. 

The 8-ball event drew the most amount of players (140+), proving that 8-ball continues to be the most popular game out of the three on the small tables. 

The event drew big names such as  ”The South Dakota Kid” Shane Van Boening, “Amang” Jose Parica, “Hennessey” Johnathan Pinegar, “The Giant Killer” Jeremy Sossei, Mitch Ellerman, Rafael Martinez, Brandon Shuff, and Stevie Moore, to name a few. 

Read how “Buzzworthy” pool player Glen Atwell set a record as he did what seemed impossible… earn a spot in each of the three finals, en route to an impressive all-around title… 

Please read the breakdown from CSI (Cue Sports International), to get plugged into all the action from Reno. 

CueSports International:

Atwell Sets Record at 16th Annual US Bar Table Championships

The 16th Annual U.S Bar Table Championships at the Sands Regency Hoatel and Casino in Reno, Nevada was seven days of astounding display of dominance by two players. 

The tournament draws an international field of players to compete in a trifecta of events: 8, 9 and 10-Ball. It is one of the most difficult and strenuous 7’ table tournaments in the world. Winning one of the three events is a tremendous accomplishment. However winning two out of three and being in the finals of all three is a record and one not likely to be seen again anytime soon. 

Glen Atwell from Vancouver, Washington accomplished that feat. Hot out of the gate Monday was Darren Appleton from the U.K winning the 10-Ball event. Appleton, considered the favorite as the current reigning WPA World 10-Ball Champion, did not disappoint. Atwell came from the one loss bracket to face Appleton in the finals. However Appleton was in dead stroke winning 7-1.  

Day three ushered in the 9-Ball event. With 111 players in the field what would be the chances of the same two players being in the finals? Well as it turned out 100%. Atwell and Appleton made it seem like a two man show. Not negating the talents of the remainder of the field which included heavy hitters such as Mark Tadd, Mitch Ellerman, Shane Van Boening, Jose Parica and the previous year’s All Around winner Johnathan Pinegar. 

Would Appleton again nearly shut out Atwell and take the first two events of the week or would Atwell avenge the previous loss? Coming again from the one loss side Atwell, in the 9-Ball finals against Appleton declared by his performance a big N to the No, double dipping Appleton 9-6 / 9-6. So now going into day five a whole separate issue came into play, who would take home the All Around title, Atwell or Appleton. 

darren-appleton at the bar table championship

The last of the three games of the week was the 8-Ball event with over 140+ players in attendance. Players who had consistently played well the other two events but always seemed to come behind Atwell and Appleton were gunning to get their place in the sun. Well again Sunday seemed to be about A & A. However, out of the fray someone who had played consistently well all week was Stevie Moore. 


Moore, currently ranked 15th in the U.S, became the man to beat Sunday. He was the only person to break through the Atwell and Appleton wall. For the first time in seven days a new player was king of the hot seat. But in a case of déjà-vu, Atwell once again found himself in the finals coming from the one loss side. In the true double elimination, Atwell needed to win two sets to Moore’s one. This was a close match as Atwell took set one (5-4), but Moore fought back winning the second set and the 8-Ball event (5-4). 

The All Around finishers well deserved their bonuses with Atwell taking 1st ($2000 bonus), Appleton taking 2nd ($1000 bonus) and Moore taking 3rd ($500 bonus). Congratulations to all three winners for their outstanding performances. 


CueSports International, CSI, is the parent company of the BCA Pool League, the National Championship Series (NCS) and produces The Jay Swanson Memorial Tournament and the U.S Bar Table Championships. 


16th Annual U.S Bar Table Championships Payouts


10-Ball Results: 

1st Place:  Darren (Daz) Appleton $4100

2nd Place: Glen Atwell $2550

3rd Place:  Adam J Behnke $1500

4th Place: Stevie Moore $850

5-6th Place: Shane M Van Boening $600

5-6th Place: Jose Parica $600

7-8th Place: Joey Gray $400

7-8th Place: Lawrence A (Larry) Wilson $400

9-12th Place: Mark Tadd $250

9-12th Place: Johnathan Pinegar $250

9-12th Place: Rafael Martinez $250

9-12th Place: Stan Tourangeau $250

13-16th Place: Brandon W Shuff $150

13-16th Place: Vince Tedesco $150

13-16th Place: Jerry Matchin $150

13-16th Place: David R (Randy) Vaughn $150

17-24th Place: Nick Kruger $125

17-24th Place: Jay Jensen $125

17-24th Place: Tyler R Edey $125

17-24th Place: Austin M Murphy $ 125

17-24th Place: Edwin I Montal $125

17-24th Place: Warren (Monk) Constanzo $125

17-24th Place: Bob Halloran  $125

17-24th Place: Arlo B Walsman $125


9-Ball Results: 

1st Place: Glen Atwell $5000

2nd Place: Darren (Daz) Appleton $3000

3rd Place: Mitchell Ellerman $2000

4th Place: David R (Randy) Vaughn $1000

5-6th Place: Adam R K (Ryan) Smith $700

5-6th Place: Chip Compton $700

7-8th Place: Mark Tadd $500

7-8th Place: Brandon W Shuff $500

9-12th Place: Tim Larson $300

9-12th Place: Tyler R Edey $300

9-12th Place: Johnathan Pinegar $300

9-12th Place: Shane M Van Boening $300

13-16th Place: Rafael Martinez $175

13-16th Place: Joey Gray $175

13-16th Place: Daniel R (Danny) Petralba $175

13-16th Place: Jeremy Sossei $175

17-24th Place: Randy Scott Howell $125

17-24th Place: Jay Jensen $125

17-24th Place: Stan Tourangeau $125

17-24th Place: Lawrence A (Larry) Wilson $125

17-24th Place: James E Williams $125

17-24th Place: Stevie Moore $125

17-24th Place: Luis F (Frank The Barber) Almanza $125

17-24th Place: Steve Leistikow $125

25-32nd Place: Joseph Palley $100

25-32nd Place: Bob Halloran $100

25-32nd Place: Justin Whitehead $100

25-32nd Place: Jeff Heath $100

25-32nd Place: Nicholas Kruger $100

25-32nd Place: Steve Rector $100

25-32nd Place: Jason L Marcoulier $100

25-32nd Place: Alfonso S Moreno $100


8-Ball Results: 

1st Place: Stevie Moore $5400

2nd Place: Glen Atwell $3200

3rd Place: Stan Tourangeau $2200

4th Place: Darren (Daz) Appleton $1500

5-6th Place: Nick Kruger $950

5-6th Place: Tyler “Kilroy” Edey $950

7-8th Place: Shane M Van Boening $700

7-8th Place: Jerry Matchin $700

9-12th Place: Joey Gray $500

9-12th Place: Arlo B Walsman $500

9-12th Place: Johnathan Pinegar $500

9-12th Place: Jason C Kirkwood $500

13-16th Place: Mitchell Ellerman $275

13-16th Place: Paul Juarez $275

13-16th Place: Chip Compton $275

13-16th Place: Steve Rector $275

17-24th Place: Joseph Palley $175

17-24th Place: Jose Parica $

17-24th Place: Donald E (Don) Wirtaman $175

17-24th Place: Chris MacDonald $175

17-24th Place: Leonard A (Len) Swisher $175

17-24th Place: Justin Whitehead $175

17-24th Place: Ric Jones $175

17-24th Place: Jordan Rothermel $175

25-32nd Place: Andrea Wilson $125

25-32nd Place: Adam R K (Ryan) Smith $125

25-32nd Place: Danny Schnieder $125

25-32nd Place: Jody L Thornton $125

25-32nd Place: Jeremy Sossei $125

25-32nd Place: Lawrence A (Larry) Wilson $125

25-32nd Place: Jamie Bruce $125

25-32nd Place: Carl Christensen $125

33-48th Place: Linn Petty $100

33-48th Place: Greg Christensen $100

33-48th Place: Sean P Warren $100

33-48th Place: Nick De Leon $100

33-48th Place: Daniel R (Danny) Petralba $100

33-48th Place: Randy Scott Howell $100

33-48th Place: Austin M Murphy $100

33-48th Place: William H Hyde $100

33-48th Place: David DelCastillo $100

33-48th Place: David R (Randy) Vaughn $100

33-48th Place: Luis F (Frank The Barber) Almanza $100

33-48th Place: Bret Baker $100

33-48th Place: Harold W Hyde $100

33-48th Place: Curtis A Watts $100

33-48th Place: Henry W Dorsey $100

33-48th Place: Jeff Heath $100



1st Place: Glen Atwell $2000 Bonus (total winnings including bonus: $12,750)

2nd Place: Darren Appleton $1000 Bonus (total winnings including bonus: $9,600)

3rd Place: Stevie Moore $500 Bonus (total winnings including bonus: $6,875)


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