Tri-State Update – Bogie Uzdjeczyk Wins From the One-Loss Side with Eleven-Match Run – Plus House of Billiards & Castle Results

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Due to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, the November 4th Tri-State Tour stop at BQE Billiards in Queens has been postponed. The following scheduled event will be held at Castle Billiards on November 10.

From all of us at NYC Grind, our hearts go out to everyone that has been  affected by this awful tragedy. The Tri-State Tour has posted the following message on their site:

“We here at the Tri-State hope all our players and their families and friends are safe and faring well during these trying times. Hurricane Sandy was a reminder that our health and safety are more important than anything else. So enjoy today and every day.”

Below are the latest results stories from the last three completed Tri-State Tour events. Last weekend’s Tri-State stop at Gotham City Billiards on October 28 was held, but due to transportation closures, the final rounds were postponed and will pick up with the final six players at a later date. For more tour info and complete schedule, visit

Bogie Uzdejczyk Wins from the One-Loss Side with Eleven-Match Run

The October 20 Tri-State Tour stop was hosted by Clifton Billiards, Espresso Bar & Grill in Clifton, NJ. Drawing in forty-nine players, the payout to the top player would be $740 players. The player to take the top spot in this event would turn out to be Bogie Uzdejczyk, who stepped up to the plate and won eleven straight matches, after having lost in the first round to “Fast Eddie” Medina, 7-4.

Bogie Uzdejczyk turned on the heat after that loss, to have a decisive run through the winner’s bracket. His path to the hot seat featured wins against Christian Smith 7-4, Bryan Jeziorski 7-4, Edward Crespo 7-3, Koka Davladze 7-5, Steve Kaminov 7-1, Michael Rodriguez 7-4, Ron Gabia 7-2, Keith Adamik 7-5, Louise Petronica 7-5, and Kim Meyer-Gabia 7-4 in the semifinal.

Guy Iannuzzi was the player to take control of the winner’s bracket, claiming his spot in the hot seat after wins over Keith Adamik 7-4 and Kim Meyer-Gabia 7-3. After waiting in the hot seat for the winner of the loser’s bracket, Iannuzzi would take on Bogie Uzdejczyk in the final. Uzdejczyk continued on his hot streak in this match, only allowing Iannuzzi two games in their race to nine for an impressive win at Clifton Billiards.

Congratulations to both Bogie Uzdejczyk and Guy Iannuzzi for their top performances. Kim Meyer-Gabia also had a standout event to finish in third place, and tour newcomer Louise Petronica earned recognition for her 7 wins & 2 losses record in the event to take fourth.

Guy Iannuzzi (2nd), Bogie Uzdejczyk (1st), Kim Meyer-Gabia (3rd), and room owner Vincent Sauro

The Tri-State Tour staff & members would like to thank the new owner of Clifton Billiards, Vincent Sauro, for supporting the tour and providing high-quality atmosphere & playing conditions.


1st: Bogie Uzdejczyk – $740
2nd: Guy Iannuzzi – $490
3rd: Kim Meyer-Gabia – $300
4th: Louise Petronica – $200
5th/6th: Keith Adamik, Peter Chin – $120
7th/8th: Ron Gabia, Tony Ignomirello – $90
9th-12th: Emerson Verano, Michael Rodriguez, Robert Veit, Dennis Kennedy – $65

Mike Aro Wins in a Split with Ron Gabia at First-Ever House of Billiards Tri-State Stop

Staten Island pool room House of Billiards held its first-ever Tri-State Tour event on October 14, 2012, bringing in a field of twenty-eight players to New York’s smallest island borough.

This $750-added inaugural event for House of Billiards was open to all amateur A/B/C/D class players, and was highlighted by an undefeated win for New Jersey-based player Mike “Mikey Shots” Aro.

Mike Aro made his run to the final with wins over Tony Ignomirello 6-0, Kyle Bubet 6-4, Kim Meyer-Gabia 6-4, Anthony Dahab 6-4, and against Ron Gabia 8-5 in the hot seat match.

After his loss to Aro, Gabia would wait for the final winner to come from the one-loss side to match up with him in the semifinal. This player would turn out to be Anthony Dahab, who had previously lost to Gabia in the final four of the winner’s bracket, and went on to win two more matches against Mike Davie 6-3 and Dave Shlemperis in the quarterfinal 7-5.

Anthony Dahab then matched up in the semi against Ron Gabia, and had a close battle, but came up short at 8-6. Dahab earned recognition for a solid six wins & two losses to finish in third place.

Gabia would then move on to the final match against Aro, but due to the late hour, both players decided to call it quits and split their winnings. Mike Aro earned first place as the undefeated player, and Ron Gabia claimed second…congratulations to both players on their strong performances.

Anthony Dahab (3rd), Mike Aro (1st), Ron Gabia (2nd), room owner Dennis Kennedy

The Tri-State Tour, staff and membership wish to thank Dennis Kennedy, owner of the House of Billiards for his support and great playing conditions.

Final Results:

1st: Mike Aro – $550
2nd: Ron Gabia – $300
3rd: Anthony Dahab – $200
4th: Dave Shlemperis – $120
5th/6th: Chris Kelly, Mike Davie – $70

Room Owner John Trobiano Victorious at Castle Billiards

At the October 6th Tri-State Tour stop at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ, room owner John Trobiano would be the prevailing force in the thirty-two player field. John and his wife Minnie have been longtime supporters of the area tours and players, and both have a great passion for the game as well.

Moving through the winner’s bracket, John Trobiano had to fight back from being down in a number of matches, before earning his way to the hot seat. In the final four, Trobiano had a big win over Scott Simonetti 7-3, then defeated Mike Aro at hill-hill (7-6) to position himself in the hot seat.

While Trobiano headed up the winner’s bracket, Dave Danchak was busy on the one-loss side, where he won seven straight matches, including a quarterfinal win over Scott Simonetti 10-6, and a semifinal win over Mike Aro, 6-4.

Dave Danchak was then set to square off against undefeated John Trobiano in the final, where he would be spotted three games on the wire in a race to eight. Trobiano won the opening three racks, to tie at 3-3, and from there the two players fought back and forth to tie at 7-7…when Trobiano clinched the win in the deciding rack.

John Trobiano (NYC Grind file photo)

Congratulations to John Trobiano on a strong undefeated win, along with Dave Danchak for his great comeback run to finish second.


1st: John Trobiano – $600
2nd: Dave Danchak – $400
3rd: Mike Aro – $250
4th: Scott Simonetti – $150
5th/6th: Guy Iannuzzi, Felix Menendez – $74
7th/8th: Bogie Uzejczyk, Eddie Dacosta

The Tri-State Tour staff and members would like to thank Sterling Gaming, Ozone Billiards, Poison Cues, Ron Tarr Cues, Kamui Tips, Phil Capelle, BlueBook Publishing, and Human Kinetics for their ongoing support of the tour.

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