Tri-State Update: Luis Jimenez Takes Castle – Shawn Sookai Tops NYC at Amsterdam

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By NYC Grind Contributor, Alison M. Fischer

Luis Jimenez Takes Castle Billiards

Luis Jimenez would be the unstoppable force at The Tri-State Tour’s $780-added event at Castle Billiards in East Rutherford, NJ on June 2, 2013. Charging through the winner’s bracket of the 37-player field, Jimenez was met by Eddie Perez in the final four, where he would win 6-3.

In the other final four pairing, Geoffrey Bauer would take out Castle owner John Trobiano by a score of 7-3. Bauer and Jimenez would then take the spotlight in the match for the hot seat, which would be dominated by Jimenez, winning at 8-4.

Of the many players fighting to forge a comeback on the one-loss side, Senichi Sekine was the one to make the strongest return. Sekine had lost his third-round match to John Trobiano, but made it all the way to the finals…after a trail of wins over Scott Simonetti 7-5, Ken DeBroske 7-4, John Trobiano 7-4, Eddie Perez 7-4 in the quarterfinal, and Geoff Bauer 7-6 in the quarterfinal.

Senichi Sekine had a closely-fought battle in the finals, but Luis Jimenez would close out the victory at 7-5 to seal an undefeated victory at Castle.

1st: Luis Jimenez – $750
2nd: Senichi Sekine – $450
3rd: Geoffrey Bauer – $250
4th: Eddie Perez – $200
5th/6th: John Trobiano, Ray Marisette – $100
7th/8th: Ken DeBroske, Steven Protzo – $65

Shawn Sookai Tops NYC at Amsterdam

On the weekend of May 25-26, Amsterdam Billiards in NYC hosted the Tri-State Tour’s $1,000-added 9-ball tour stop. The event was open to B/C/D level amateur players only, and drew a total of 41 participants to the Union Square hotspot for pool.

Among the many top amateurs vying for the top prize of $950 at Amsterdam, Basdeo “Shawn” Sookhai played strong throughout the weekend to remain undefeated to make it to the finals. Along his path to the final match, Sookhai defeated Mike Zimny 7-5, Wanlop Chantarakolkit 7-4, Jimmy Acosta 7-2, Jamie Poush 7-2, Thomas Rice 7-3, and Bernie Isaacowitz 7-6.

After having lost to Basdeo Sookhai, Jimmy Acosta went on to win against Eddie Medina 7-3, Kim Meyer-Gabia 7-5, Michael Fedak 8-7, Ron Mason 7-1, Thomas Rice 7-2, Edward Lum 6-6 in the quarterfinal, and Bernie Isaacowitz 7-5 in the semi before getting to the finals… which set him up for a rematch with Sookhai.

The final featured a true double-elimination format… and Acosta played very well to win the opening set at 7-4. However, Sookhai took charge in the second set to win 7-1 to close out the victory

Two ‘C’ level players, Bernie Isaacowitz and Edward Lum, came out strong in this event to finish 3rd and 4th respectively. Congratulations to all of the top finishers!

1st: Basdeo “Shawn” Sookhai – $950
2nd: Jimmy Acosta – $470
3rd: Bernie Isaacowitz – $300
4th: Edward Lum – $200
5th/6th: Thomas Rice, Kirill Safronov – $120
7th/8th: Ron Mason, Jamie Poush – $90
9th-12th: Roger Pachebat, Michael Fedak, Naldo Troncoso, King Victoree – $60

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